The adage is, “the best knife is the one you have available,” and this is not incorrect. However, it is possible to make an available knife a great knife. Sometimes, the best tools are not always the largest or most expensive. They are often the little ones that get the job done well and efficiently while holding up to extended use and abuse.

True has released the Berm, a small keychain knife designed to always be within reach. This ultra-compact knife is meant to be accessible and used for day-to-day tasks. The incorporated carabiner can be attached to a key ring, backpack, purse, or even just a small loop in a vehicle or clothing. The 1.5-inch modified clip point blade is made from 7Cr17Mov high carbon steel. This makes it rugged and durable, with a strong edge yet soft enough to sharpen easily. It’s finished off in a titanium nitride finish.

When opening the knife, the ball-bearing pivot moves freely and comfortably, locking it open with a liner lock. When closed, the rear of the blade has a textured flipper for ease of deployment. The edge is housed in G10 composite scales with adequate texture for gripping. Attached is a reversible pocket clip for right– or left-hand users when not attached to a keychain or bag. Overall, the deployed length is 4.1 inches and 2.66 inches when closed. The entire knife weighs a staggering 0.14 lbs.

The Berm is a great tool to have on hand as a gift or for personal use. It can adequately perform tasks in case of an emergency or general daily use. MSRP is $29.99, making it a budget tool with great craftsmanship and design.

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