For those of us who go romping around the forests and fields during all times of the year, we understand how valuable a good knife and game processing kit can be. When we harvest a game animal like a whitetail deer or turkey, it is important to process, clean, and eventually eat/use as much as possible; this makes us good stewards of the animals we pursue and hunt. So, a bundled up processing kit should be a necessity for all hunters an huntresses. That is why it is good news to hear that TRUE has come out with a new one in the Swift Edge Hunt Processing Kit containing 4 different blades, a sheath, and nylon storage wrap.

This NEW Swift Edge Hunt Processing Kit from TRUE has an MSRP of $69.99 which is very reasonable considering all of the pieces that come along with it. You get a gut hook (for opening up a whitetail deer), a fillet knife (for cleaning all manner of fish), a saw (for processing/cutting through difficult cartilage and other materials) plus a large butcher blade to separate cuts of meat. The full details for this kit can be read below as presented by TRUE:

  • Blades: 4” Gut Hook | 6” Fillet | 8” Saw | 8” Butcher
  • Compatible with: 7.5″ & 9.5″ Fillet Blades
  • High Carbon Stainless Steel (5Cr13), Titanium Nitride Coating (Saw Only: 65Mn, Titanium Nitride)
  • Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) Handle
  • Lanyard/Carabiner Compatible
  • Molded Sheath & Nylon Storage Wrap included

Whether you are stacking crappies on the top side of some hardwater this winter or chasing cold-weather varmints like fox and coyote, this Swift Edge Hunt Processing Kit could provide a lot of immediate utility before the weather turns to more pleasant forecasts in the spring.

The original article can be found at Agile Nano